The Bitcoin Movement, in collaboration with the rapper Zuby, is launching a new collection whose authenticity is registered on the VeChain.

On Friday, online retailer Anon System Movement (BTCMVMNT) launched a limited streetwear fashion collection that comes with a „proof of authenticity“ registered on the Blockchain for each garment.

The 300-piece collection, designed with the help of British influencer and rapper Zuby, consists of 50 hoodies, 125 caps and 125 T-shirts, all of which are emblazoned with the „21 Million“ logo. This is again an allusion to the maximum amount of Bitcoin in circulation.

Each piece in the collection, which has the motto „Take the Power Back“, has a chipset that is in turn connected to the VeChain block chain. Using a smartphone app from the Bitcoin Movement, customers can then scan a sewn-in sticker, which allows real-time product information about the piece in question to be read from the VeChain.

If the piece is genuine, the message „100% genuine“ is then displayed. The app also displays the version number of the garment and the unique transaction ID that anchors the piece to the block chain.

Daryl Kelly, the founder of Bitcoin Movement explains:

„I wanted our first collection as a Blockchain Limited Edition to capture the Bitcoin philosophy. It is designed to reflect the very qualities that have made Bitcoin so disruptive, successful and attractive to those seeking truth and transparency. The market-leading Blockchain from VeChain therefore fits perfectly with our movement“.

This new collection is not the first time that limited edition garments have been combined with a Blockchain to guarantee their authenticity. More and more fashion designers around the world are using the technology for their supply chains or to prove the authenticity of their pieces.

On September 3, the well-known Alexander McQueen brand again launched a new block-chain-supported fashion label that allows both designers and consumers to register and resell their garments.

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