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Scottish Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman has joined the crypto space, funding an application for

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called Zumo.

„The Covid-19 has rapidly advanced the move to a cashless society and safe and easy ways to invest in new forms of currency that are more resistant to crises like this,“ Zumo CEO and founder Nick Jones told Edinburgh News.

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The application is a basic path to Bitcoin
Zumo promotes basic Bitcoin functionality, allowing users to buy, sell, trade and store BTC, as detailed in the Edinburgh News article of May 21. In addition to Berryman, the application is funded by the Scottish Investment Bank and the marketplace company, Murray Capital.

Zumo targets a wide audience, Jones added. Blockchain advisor Charles Read explained the problems faced by non-tech-savvy users when dealing with Blockchain, highlighting the application’s user-friendly approach.

„Zumo has all the benefits of decentralised technology without the initial problems for new users,“ Read told Edinburgh News.

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The present is a privileged time for investment in technology
„Now is the time to invest in the technologies that will shape the financial security of future generations,“ Murray Capital CEO David Murray told the media. He also mentioned the potential of the application for those without bank accounts.

Berryman is just the latest personality in conventional music to enter crypto space. Akon is also currently leading a venture into crypto.

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