Logan Paul Threatens Legal Action After YouTuber Accuses CryptoZoo of Being a Scam

• Social media personality Logan Paul threatened YouTuber Coffeezilla with legal action after he accused Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT project of being a scam.
• Paul argued that Coffeezilla was motivated by the desire to profit from his celebrity and pointed out that the investigator on the case had a history of armed robbery.
• Paul acknowledged working with an unsavory individual who brought questionable employees to the CryptoZoo team and stated that he had been overly trusting.

Logan Paul, a well-known social media personality, recently found himself in a heated debate with YouTuber Coffeezilla, a.k.a. Stephen Findeisen. Findeisen had posted several videos on Paul and his NFT project, CryptoZoo, accusing it of being a scam. In response, Paul uploaded a video to YouTube in which he defended himself and threatened to sue Findeisen, pointing out that the latter had exploited his name for views and cash.

Paul also highlighted Zack Kelling, an investigator allegedly working with Coffezilla, who had a history of armed robbery and had delayed justice in the case. He acknowledged that he had been overly trusting and that the team for CryptoZoo had included some questionable employees. He added that his tendency to be overly trusting had resulted in questions being raised about the project.

In his remarks, Paul emphasized that Findeisen had exposed himself to “very real implications” by making false claims and urged him to be more responsible with his statements. He also urged other creators to be more mindful of their words and actions as they could have serious consequences.

Overall, Paul’s response to Findeisen’s accusations of CryptoZoo being a scam were met with mixed reactions. Some praised him for standing up to the accusations while others felt he had overreacted and should have handled the situation differently. Regardless, Paul made it clear that he was not going to let anyone defame him and his projects without consequence.