Strange things often happen in the crypto world: here are the most incredible episodes that happened during 2020!

Every self-respecting industry, group and clique has its weird characters, and cryptocurrencies are no exception.

Considering that cryptos are the so-called „native“ currency of the internet, the repository of the sum of human knowledge and eccentricities contained therein, the sector has always by Bitcoin Formula welcomed initiatives and personalities that are perhaps even stranger than the more established and traditional businesses.

Outside of the inherently bizarre nature of cryptography, 2020 has been a decidedly offbeat year. Existing socio-economic problems in countries around the world have been exacerbated by the emergence of the new coronavirus and the subsequent reactions of governments.

Bolivia and Kyrgyzstan were subject to political upheaval, while the US presidential election raised more doubts about the country’s future than certainties about a peaceful transition of power.

Kanye West’s fashion brand received $5 million in coronavirus aid that was meant for small businesses. Hackers hacked into calls on Zoom. For a brief period, Tiger King was an obsession. A group of out-of-tune celebrities sang „Imagine“ and it was absolutely horrible.

The list of weird and bad things goes on

The 2020 crypto world has been no exception, with its fair share of eccentric billionaires, foul-ups, power grabs and borderline attitudes. So as we say sayonara to 2020, let’s take a look at some of the industry’s strangest moments that happened this year.

Over the past year, there have been major strides in cryptocurrency adoption. Large financial companies have entered Bitcoin (BTC), with substantial allocations and investments from banks and mutual funds as well.

As cryptos are becoming an increasingly popular financial instrument, they have attracted the admiration and ire of those in the halls of power. Supporters have achieved regulatory approval, while suspicious politicians around the world have tried to suppress the phenomenon.

It should therefore come as no surprise that many well-known members of the community have tried to influence the formation of new legislation on digital currencies. Only a few, however, have tried to do so in their capacity as President of the United States of America.

American computer scientist and well-known eccentric John McAfee announced in 2018 that he was running for the White House as a ‚crypto candidate‘. However, things got even more interesting when he started running his campaign from abroad, as he supposedly escaped capture by US authorities, who were pursuing him due to tax issues:

„I have finally chosen my Libertarian campaign manager for 2020: @Loggiaonfire, Intelligence Coordinator of my 2016 race, had already been instrumental four years ago. Rob is a loyal friend, an appreciator of truth and a true warrior.“

I have finally chosen a campaign manager for my 2020 Libertarian Presidential run:

@Loggiaonfire – the Intelligence Co-ordinator for my 2016 POTUS run, was instrumental in placing me on the 2016 National Stage. Rob is a loyal friend, a seeker of truth, and a constant warrior.
– John McAfee (@officialmcafee) October 3, 2018

McAfee has often stated that he only ran for president to raise awareness about cryptocurrency, and did not expect to win.

In May 2020, McAfee threw in the towel, instead running for vice president, as the Libertarian Party allows the vice president to run separately.

Brock Pierce, a former child actor and crypto venture capitalist, jumped into the presidential race relatively late in the summer of 2020.

Co-founder of, the organisation that created EOS, Pierce was featured on Last Week Tonight, a programme hosted by British comedian John Oliver, who poked fun at his eccentric spiritual vision for EOS and his unicorn-themed wedding, held during the legendary US festival Burning Man.

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